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There’s nothing worse than sitting down at your computer and drawing a blank on what to blog about! I’ve been there, too. Ideally, you could create an editorial calendar at the start of the year and plan out the major topic areas you will write about. If you haven’t done that and you’re looking for some inspiration to kick start your thought process, try one of the 21 topics below. I call them quick topics because you don’t have to write a lot – a couple of paragraphs, an engaging photo and you’re done!


  1. What’s the thing that guests are afraid will happen when they book a B&B? Write about that and tell them why it won’t happen when they book with you.
  2. Tell them an interesting story about something that happened at the inn yesterday or last week
  3. Your hobby. What’s the latest tool you bought or put on your wish list? How do you plan to use it?
  4. Your favorite breakfast recipe. What is its origin? Is it a family recipe that’s been handed down? One you found in a magazine? What are some of the compliments you’ve received when serving it to guests.
  5. Show them your day in photos. Simply take your camera with you as you go about your day. Snap photos at intervals, then post to your blog. Guests love to see and learn about the behind the scenes activities.
  6. A celebrity guest who stayed at your inn. It doesn’t have to be George Washington, use your own definition of celebrity.
  7. Brag about a favorite guest who books with you every year.
  8. Frequently asked questions. Yes, you should have a page on your website with these, but it helps to periodically put a fresh spin on them by publishing a few in a blog post especially if you can tie it to an event, such as the start of the vacation season
  9. A quick guide to the town you live in. If you were a tourist for a day, give them an insider’s view of what you would see and do.
  10. The very first guest who booked your inn. What were you feeling? How have you grown as a business person since then?
  11. Find one of your previous blog posts that was popular and write a follow-up or refresher
  12. Are you planning to make some renovations to your inn? Write a post about what you want to do and solicit feedback from readers.
  13. Do you have a favorite bedroom in your inn (even if it’s only this week’s favorite)? Write a post about why you love it and why guests love it, too.
  14. Give readers a taste of the season. What seasonal foods or products are only available at the time of your post.
  15. Your favorite time of the day at your inn.
  16. Something you’ve learned about life, your business, or your family, etc.
  17. An interesting person you met.
  18. Something really cool one of your staff members did for a guest
  19. Share your favorite book or magazine and invite readers to share theirs in the comments
  20. Your family pet(s). What funny thing have they done to entertain you lately?
  21. A charitable organization that you support

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