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Toot Your Own Horn

September is Shameless Promotion Month. When I first saw this, I cringed a bit because the idea conjured up one of those brash celebrities who are always telling people how great they are. But after giving it some thought, I realized that there’s another way to look at it.

Potential guests have a ton of information available to them to help them make a decision on where they plan to stay when traveling. A lot of the information they receive is out of your control. In order to influence the way people think about your inn, you must get the word out in your own language. That’s what Inn Promotion is all about. You want to let guests know why a stay at your inn is one they don’t want to miss.

Here are three ways to market and promote your inn this month:

  1. Write a fun and personable blog post. What did your last guests tell you they loved about your inn? Suppose it was your famous scrambled eggs and cheese. You could talk about how you came up with the recipe, whether it’s new or has been handed down from Grandma, what else you like to serve with them, how many helpings the guests had, what the table decorations were. Paint a picture of how much fun the guests had planning their day over breakfast or how they were so stuffed that they had to rest a bit before going out. These little stories capture people’s imagination and help them to visualize themselves in your inn.
  2. Post a photo to your Facebook Page. Even if your high season is in the summer, make a point to post some fall and winter photos. Many people like the idea of a week-end getaway when the weather is cooler and the crowds have left. Don’t just post the photo. Add a description and a recommendation on an activity that they could enjoy at that time of year.
  3. Take those same Fall and Winter photos and create a special mailing to past guests, either through your monthly newsletter, an email message or printed postcards. Invite them to book your inn now for the holidays or for Valentines Day.  If you plan to offer a special Winter Package, make sure you showcase that.

When you share more information about your  inn experience it give people a good feeling about what they will experience when they visit and moves to the top of their ‘must do’ list.

By Linda Griffin


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