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Congratulations to Kimberley Wilson from The Camberley in North Yorkshire, UK. She is the winner of our Fully Booked Innsider Circle Godiva Chocolate giveaway.


Did you know that contests are a great tool to increase your fans and followers? They give you a reason to engage with current guests as well as prospective guests. Contests can be as simple as asking for ‘Likes’ and ‘Shares’ on a Facebook post or asking participants to place pins on Pinterest.

Depending on the information you request upon entry, you can also use contests as a form of market research. For example, on the Godiva chocolate contest I asked for the entrants inn name or ‘aspiring’ which allowed me to understand what percentage of current innkeepers vs. aspiring innkeepers were entering the contest.

If you decide to add a contest to your marketing plan, ensure that you identify the goals for the contest. Are you looking for more bookings, more fans on your social media page, more sign-ups for your newsletters, etc.

If you’ve run a successful contest, or a not so successful one, please share your feedback in the comments.

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