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Most Bed and Breakfast owners, are in the height of their busy season. Guests are coming into your inn in a steady stream which is very good news from a booking standpoint. The last thing you may be thinking about right now are Fall and Winter bookings, but now is the perfect time to plant the seeds in your guests and prospects minds. Here are five ways to do that:


  1. Post a beautiful photo of your inn or an Autumn event on your business Facebook Page. Invite guests to book now for a Fall get away when the weather is cooler  but still nice and the summer crowds have left.  Add an enticing photo caption and a recommendation for an activity that they could enjoy at that time of year.
  2. Add a Fall booking promotion to the July or August monthly newsletter that you send to guests. Make it a limited time offer that must be booked before the end of that month.
  3. Create a postcard mailing to guests who have previously booked with your during the Fall or holiday season and invite them to book with you this year.
  4. Create a Pinterest board celebrating your inn and the local area. Post pins that show past holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas; Fall food recipes; pictures of your inn and grounds at the height of the season. (By the way, you could do this for each of the four seasons). Invite guests via email of social media to visit your board and book a room. Visit Nancy Soriano’s Autumn Pinterest board for inspiration.
  5. Would any of your summer guests enjoy a repeat visit in the Fall? Of course they would! For every booking you have this summer create a ‘bounce back’ offer. A special gift certificate that is only offered to guests who visit in June – August, enticing them to come back for a Fall or Winter booking.


With just a bit of effort on your part, you can extend that steady stream of bookings you’re enjoying today all the way through year end!

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