To ensure that you don’t violate any privacy laws, use a photography release form to get permission from your guests to use their likenesses on your web site and social media accounts. I recommend you add this form to your check-in or check out process so that you don’t forget it. There are several types of photography releases such as General Release, Release for Minor Children, and Building Release for publishing photos of a building that you don’t own.

A photo release form protects you from future legal action arising from your publication of someone’s likeness. A guest could verbally agree to have her picture taken, but change her mind later. By getting a written agreement, you avoid this. Keep the signed document with your guest records in case you need to use it in the future.

The form below is a General Release Form to get you started. Please consult your legal counsel if you have any concerns with using the document.

Click here to download the Photography Release Form!

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