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Give me $15 and 30 minutes a month


I’ll show you how to get on the Fast Track to more bookings!


Fully Booked Inn is launching a brand new program in 2016!

                    Are you worried about where your next booking is coming from, especially in the off-season and weekdays? Are you

doing okay in your innkeeping business but would like to do better? Do you feel you should be doing more to market

your inn but just don’t know how to find the time? Read on to learn about a system that just might be the solution you’ve

been looking for.


What is the Fast Track To Bookings Program?

A monthly membership program to give you the tools, resources and guidance you need to put heads in beds.

If you’ve attended any of the Fully Booked Inn workshops, webinars, or keynotes, you know that we recommend creating a consistent method of staying in contact with guests and prospective guest. Pre-planning eliminates what we call Random Acts of Marketing where you throw a discount out to your list and hope someone takes you up on it.  What we’ve found is that some innkeepers don’t have the time or the energy to do all the advance work that’s required to put together a regular communication and booking offer, so we came up with this solution:


Let Fully Booked Inn do the work for you in the form of checklists and fill in the blank templates.

We’ve designed the program to give you a booking template that you can implement each month to bring in guests. Out templates will focus on creating a more interesting experience rather than cutting price.

What’s Included in the Program?

 1: A monthly theme for the promotion.

We’ll pick a theme for you based on a holiday or event.

It might be a familiar holiday such as Valentine’s Day or it might be an unusual, or quirky holiday such as National Popcorn Day

Each monthly theme will be designed for a booking promotion which will run in the next 30 days. For example, your January promotion will be for Valentine’s Day bookings

2: Three email templates that you can fill in the blanks and send to your guest list

They will be in Microsoft Word format so that you can easily add your own contact information and send them out.

The first template will announce the promotion of the month. The second template will be a short article with a reminder about the promotion. The third email template will be a last chance reminder that you will send the day before the promotion ends.

3:  Social Media Post suggestions

These will be two to three inspirational quotes or funny sayings that you can post to your social media page during the month with a link back to the booking specials page on your website


How is the program delivered?

Each month you will receive an email notification and instructions on how to access the Members Only section of the Fully Booked Inn website. You can then download the booking promotion files and photos to your computer to personalize with your information.

You will always have access to the previous months files as long as you stay in the program.

Let us do the heavy lifting for you

  • We come up with the promotion ideas
  • Provide you with a fill in the blank template to personalize and implement the promotion
  • Provide social media posts and stock photos

Stop wishing and waiting for more bookings and start doing!

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Our Rock Solid Satisfaction Guarantee

At $15 per month, you’ll break even on your investment cost with only one new booking a year and we expect that you’ll get much more than one new booking in 2016 if you follow this program. We’re so confident that our booking templates will inspire you, save you time, and give you a rock solid formula for success that we’ll take all of the risk. We’ll give you a full year to work with the templates and run your promotions. If you’re not blown away with the value included in this package and if you don’t get at least one new booking as a result, we will cheerfully refund the entire year’s cost. That’s how much we believe in the value that you will receive.

We believe you’ll be delighted with this program and not only will it save you hours of time, but it will give you more control and better results from your promotions.

Just click the Subscribe button below to start your membership


Have more questions? Email Linda to set up a time to discuss.

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