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As I write this blog post, the DC Metro area is bracing for a snow storm. We won’t get the two feet of snow that Boston is experiencing but for us, six to ten inches is major.

We are cry babies about bad winter weather. Schools will close at the threat of snow before one flake has fallen. Grocery store shelves will be empty of the essentials: bread, milk, toilet paper and beer. Automobile drivers will think that because their car has four wheel drive, they can continue to go the speed limit even with ice coating the roadways. Neighbors will have to call the Homeowners Association office to remind them the clean in front of the mailboxes. Worst of all for me personally, my dog will be miserable!

Bugsy winter coat

Bugsy dressed for the frigid temperatures


In the last few days we have had temperatures in the single digits and wind chills in the minus degrees. I have literally had to drag Bugsy Pug out of the house so that he can do his business. If we do get eight inches of snow, it will be higher than he is which makes answering the call of nature very difficult. Then there is the issue of no visible grass. He is a creature of habit and he doesn’t understand that it’s OK to go in the snow. During our last snow storm, I had to get out my snow shovel and dig down to the grass so that he knew what to do.

Bugsy pug ice

Where’s the grass, Mom?


After that ordeal, he will snuggle up by the fire on his bed and go to sleep. That got me to thinking. When your guests have come for a specific reason such as seeing the Fall leaves or laying on the beach and the weather doesn’t cooperate, what do you do? Granted, it’s not your responsibility to entertain them, but providing a pre-printed list of alternative fun activities in your locale will help to salvage the trip and endear you to them. Obvious ideas to have on the list are the local shopping mall and museums, but you could take it a step further and partner with local businesses such as spas or gyms to offer rainy day coupons. Please share your ideas in the comments.

Dreaming of summer

Dreaming of summer

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