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Spring is finally here and your potential guests are starting to think about vacation get-aways. Social media is a great platform to reach existing fans and followers of your business page but how do you capture the attention of new people who may not be aware of your property? Photos are one of the best ways to do that and inspirational photos are even better because they’re more likely to be shared.

Take a look at Samantha Brown’s latest blog post 10 Inspirational Travel Quotes. Right off the bat, this post appeals to travelers as well as those people who are dreaming about traveling. But look closer. Not only does Samantha provide some wonderful quotes overlaid onto beautiful photos, the photos  all feature her travel adventures. This serves to reinforce her as an authority on travel. Notice her website address tastefully displayed at the bottom of each picture. When the photo is shared with someone who is unfamiliar with Samantha Brown, they can easily hop over to her website and check it out.

You can absolutely use this same technique to get more eyes on your Bed and Breakfast property and your town and it’s easier than you think. There are lots of photo manipulation tools available on the web and many apps available for smart phones. In this post I’ll share one of the tools that I use: which is available as a desktop/laptop program as well as an iPad app. It’s free to sign-up and use the basic functions. Advanced functions can be purchased. Next I’ll walk you through ten quick and easy steps to create a Facebook Post photo.

1). This is the screen you’ll see when you sign in to Canva:

Canva 1


2). Click on Facebook Post which will take you to a compose screen. The white space is already set at the perfect size for a Facebook post.

Canva 2



3). Click on Uploads. If you’ve previously uploaded photos they will show here as well. Click the upload button and navigate to the photo you want to use on your computer. Pick a photo that showcases your inn, your guests or your town. You’ll need a photo that has some space that could be used to place the quote.

Canva 3




















4). For this example, I’m going to use a photo of a cherry tree that I previously uploaded. Notice that the bottom of the photo is grass which creates a perfect spot to add a quote without detracting from the tree.

Canva 4


5). You can see that the photo doesn’t fill the entire frame. I can drag the little circles and crop to make it fit, fill the background with a color, or leave it white. I’m going to make the photo fill the entire frame.

Canva 5



6). Next I’ll add my quote using one of the free fonts available. Click on the Text icon to see what’s available.

Canva 6



7). Click on ADD HEADING and type the quote you selected. I picked one of the quotes from Samantha’s post but you can find hundreds of travel quotes easily by searching for them on the web. Highlight the text and Click the color wheel to change the text color. I’m going to choose white. I also changed the font size to make it fit the space better.

Canva 7



8). I decided that the white didn’t stand out enough on the green grass background so I added a box behind the quote.  Click on the rectangle. It will be added to your design. Click the work BACK to move it behind the quote and click the color wheel to change the color.

Canva 9








9). Finally, add your inn’s website and change the size so that it’s readable but doesn’t detract from the photo.




10). Click the download button. Select Jpeg and save to your computer. Now you can upload a shareable photo to your Facebook page!

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