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New Orleas Map

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This week we’re visiting New Orleans, the first stop on our virtual road trip to locations showcased by Samantha Brown’s Great Weekend Getaways series on the Travel Channel network.

Today’s prospective guest will start with online research and move on to social shopping so that’s what we’ll do as well. We start with a simple Google search for “New Orleans Bed and Breakfast”.  Seven inns show up in the local listing section on page one of the search results:

[green_plus_2_list width=”100%”]


Also on page one are directory sites,, BBNOLA,; Online Booking sites and; and the New Orleans Bed and Breakfast Association.

Before you can attract a new guest, you first must capture their attention and build a level of trust. One of the ways to do this is by ‘being everywhere’. Of course you will have a website, but the more places you’re listed such as on your innkeepers association website, or the local visitor’s guide the more trustworthy you seem.

We’ll post the results for New Orleans right here on the fully booked inn blog on July 29. Check back then or sign up to receive email notifications in the box above.

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