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Paris Map

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This week we’ve hopped a plane to visit  my favorite European city, Paris France. The second stop on our virtual road trip to locations showcased by Samantha Brown’s Great Weekend Getaways series on the Travel Channel network.

As we did in New Orleans, we will start with online research and move on to social shopping.  We start with a simple Google search for “Paris France  Bed and Breakfast”.  The first listing that shows up in the organic search results is a page on Clicking on it takes you to their Paris directory list. If I’m a novice guest, I’m probably not aware of the site and would investigate it first. After learning that it’s a reputable site that specializes in B&B’s of high quality, I might end my search there.  The forty-six inns on this page would automatically have a  basic level of credibility and trust because they’re listed by a third party site who specializes in B&B’s.

The second listing in the organic search results is a similar page from Trip Advisor. Ninety inns are listed on this page.

The remaining organic listing are:

[green_tick_2_list width=”100%”]


There’s also a hostel listed and a questionable site which appears to be a booking site but has no way to search for rooms other than to email the web site owner.


We’ll post the results for Paris right here on the fully booked inn blog on August 12. Check back then or sign up to receive email notifications in the box above.

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