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Jackson Square New Orleans

Jackson Square New Orleans

The results are in for the first stop on our virtual road trip searching for inns with the best online visibility to attract new guests. An overview of the contest can be found on the Great Inn Getaway page. The inns being considered in New Orleans can be found here.

The inn with the best online visibility is Avenue Inn Bed and Breakfast, followed closely by Ashtons Bed and Breakfast. Both inns have warm and inviting home pages with large, up to date, and engaging  photos. They have listings on the major New Orleans Tourism sites in addition to being listed on Trip Advisor. Both inns are active on social media sites such as Facebook and Google+. Finally, both inns provide social proof in the form of awards, citations and guest reviews.

Here are four things that tipped the scales in favor of Avenue Inn B&B:

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  • They start building trust right away on the home page by addressing potential guest’s fears that they will lose the contemporary amenities they’ve come to expect. They showcase the charm and individuality of their accommodations while reassuring guests that they will be able to get free Wi-Fi.
  • They include a personal note from innkeepers Joe and Bebe right on the home page and they’re upfront about some ongoing transportation upgrades which may affect guest travel around town. They offer some alternative transportation options which begins to establish them as knowledgeable insiders.
  • Accessible from the home page is a link to their up to date blog and a quick video tour of the property
  • Special packages have a prominent link from the menu as well.


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Next stop on the tour: Paris, France

I’ll be compiling all of my findings from the Great Getaways in a free report which will be available after the contest ends. Check back here for an announcement or sign up for my email updates to ensure you get your copy.


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