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Virgin Consumerism is one of the trends recently highlighted by, an independent firm that scans the globe for the most promising consumer trends.

The fast pace of innovation and the ready access to not only global information but hyper-targetted information is exposing consumers to more new products and services than ever before.
Today’s consumers embrace the idea of  ‘new and different’. Instead of being fearful, they want to try new brands, products, services and experiences.

The caveat is that while they may not have experience with a particular brand, they’re still savvy consumers and want to buy from brands that make doing business with them simple, intuitive, and fun.

They’re looking for something new but they want and expect superior service. How do inns and bed and breakfasts attract these first time guests?

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  • Make it easy for them to find you and book your property. Think outside the BNB directory box. They don’t know about you yet so they’re not looking for you there. Ensure you’re in the general lodging guides for your local Convention bureau and tourist board. Insert your rack cards where travelers looking for lodging can find them. Get a listing on all of the local tourism webs sites
  • In those listings, give them your inn’s elevator speech and educate them on ‘what’s so great about you’. Showcase your inn’s x factor. Whether it’s the history and heritage of your inn, your experience as a local insider,  or some other aspect, help them see that they’re in for a unique experience, not a cookie cutter hotel.
  • Remove the fear of the unknown. Provide snippets of guest reviews directly on your  inn website in addition to linking to the travel review sites. That way, you keep them on your website longer as opposed to sending them to another site where they could get distracted. Create a short video tour of your inn and property. Make it available on your home page as well as on your You Tube channel.


As you can see, the strategies above aren’t limited to getting first time guests excited about booking your property. They also facilitate re-booking and referrals from repeat guests.

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