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I’m very excited to announce the Fully Booked Innsider Circle, a members-only community for innkeepers who want to create stand out promotions that generate lots of bookings.

Winter 2014

Griffin Family Driveway

I snapped the photo below a few days ago as the Washington DC. Metro area experienced one of the top ten worst snow storms in our history. Measurements at Dulles airport for the year top 30 inches when our normal annual snowfall is less than half of that.

As I shoveled a path from the front door so that my dog, Bugsy, could do his business, I got to thinking that the  vast array of marketing promotion and advertising information available today is kind of like the snowfall. There’s a lot of it and you have to wade through it to get where you’re going. How nice would it be if someone else would shovel a path for you through that information and you could just follow it to get where you needed to go?

That’s the objective of the Fully Booked Innsider Circle. It’s different from anything else you see out there. A membership web site and companion publications built specifically for innkeepers to give you access to just the information you need without the fluff, consolidated into easy to digest bites that will allow you to take action and implement them.

To give you an idea of the quality of information you can expect when you join, I’ve put together a resource guide on a free tool called Picmonkey. Use it to add some spice to your next Facebook post, blog entry or newsletter.

PicMonkey Resource Guide

If you like what you see, visit to get all of the details and sign up!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me via   email at or by phone at 703-957-    9862. I hope to see you soon in the  Innsider Circle!       Linda Griffin

Thanks for shoveling, Mom but I'm staying right here on the sofa.

Thanks for shoveling, Mom but I’m staying right here on the sofa.


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