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It comes around every four years and 2016 is bringing us the gift of one extra day. Why do we have Leap Years? They keep our calendar in sync with the the earth’s revolution around the sun. It actually takes a little more than 365 days for the earth to completely circle the sun so we use a Leap Year to catch up. Cool!

My question for you is what do you plan to do with the extra 24 hours in February? I love the idea of catching up. Have you lost some traction on the goals or resolutions that you made in January? Now is a perfect time to take stock, re-evaluate, and re-commit to those goals.

Interestingly enough, February is also National Time Management Month so here are two tips to help you tighten up your productivity:


This by far has had the biggest impact on my personal productivity. My to do list never seems to get any shorter and looking at it can be both depressing and paralyzing. The way that I tackle it is to first, acknowledge that everything won’t get done and that’s OK. The second thing I do is to take a couple of hours each week to plan out the tasks that absolutely must get done in order to move my business forward. I then block time out on my calendar to work on them.

Fully Booked Inn is focused on helping you with your marketing efforts so think about some times that you can carve out a couple of hours to get more marketing done.  Do you typically sit at your computer at check in time? While you’re waiting for guests, you could start or finish a blog article, or post to your business Facebook page. Are there certain weekdays that are typically less hectic? Block out your calendar for a couple of hours to to work on a new booking promotion. Even if you don’t finish in one sitting, you’re much further along than if you hadn’t spent that time.

 Finish the last mile

I love papercrafting and if you’re a crafter, you can relate to having several unfinished projects laying around. This happens with projects all the time. We get about ninety percent finished, something happens to distract us and all of a sudden, that project goes on the back burner. When you finish something, you get a sense of satisfaction as well as gaining momentum to tackle something else. Pull out a project that’s at least 50% done and muscle your way through to finish it.
Now for three specific tasks that you can complete with those extra 24 hours:

 Update the About Us page on your inn’s website

If you haven’t updated that page since your website was installed, it’s definitely time to refresh it. The best About Us pages tell a story, have pictures, and let your prospective guests feel as if they already know and like the innkeepers. For an example, look no further than the Claiborne House About Us Page.



Find the Big Spenders in your B&B house list

Every inn has certain guests who want the best amenities and are willing to pay for them. They’re the ones who love the items in your gift shop, reserve your most lavish room, or who always book the spa treatment when they visit. Why not send out a special mailing to those VIP guests and offer them a special booking promotion that’s not offered to anyone else. They will feel special and you will bring in a reservation that is guaranteed to increase your profit.

 Show your guests some love

February is the month of love after all. Show your guests some love by writing and mailing personal thank-you notes. What a way to make them feel loved and appreciated! You can either stick with a Valentine’s theme telling them how much you love and appreciate their business, or you can go with a more general Thank You card. In fact, I recommend that you send a few Thank You cards each month so that all of your past guests receive at least one from you before the year ends.


If you implement any of these ideas, I’d love to hear from you in the comments or at the Fully Booked Inn Facebook Page.

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