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The Celebrity Branding Agency has a fantastic post about the
dangers of being inconsistent with your brand image. Not only do you
send mixed messages but you miss opportunities to engage your
guests and strengthen your brand.

In their example, they talk about a Mercedes dealer who provides
loaner cars to their best clients but the loaner cars are Hondas. The
customer is left wondering why they didn’t receive a Mercedes
loaner. If they have a good experience with the loaner, they may start
thinking that it might be OK to consider another brand. None of us
wants to be in a position where we are highlighting the value of our
competitor’s product, but that’s exactly what this dealer is

The innkeeping business is no different. Your inn’s web site, the
amenities you offer, your social media pages should all be consistent
in showcasing your inn’s ‘X’ factors and they should all work to
attract your perfect guest. This week, look at all of the ways that
you interact with your guests and potential guests. Identify at least
one area where you are missing an opportunity to EXTEND YOUR
BRAND or where you are sending a mixed message and correct it.
You’ll be rewarded with loyal fans.

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