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As I’m writing this post, those of us in the DC metro area are anxiously awaiting our Washington football team’s first playoff game since January 2006! Over the years, our home team has tried lots of tactics, changed coaches and players, and given us fans a roller coaster ride of high hopes and dashed dreams.

One of the things the team has never done is give up. Every year, they come up with a new game plan and execute it to the best of their ability. I’m hoping that this year, all of their hard work pays off!

I’m also very optimistic about 2016 for Fully Booked Inn. We want to help even more innkeepers take action this year to increase their revenue and profits. One of the marketing gurus I follow – Dan Kennedy -always says to ‘make your own economy’. I’ve declared 2016 a year of increased success for Fully Booked Inn and I hope that you’ve declared 2016 to be equally as successful for your innkeeping business. We have 12 months ahead of us to implement our game plan. Resolve to keep what’s working but to eliminate or replace those things that didn’t work so well in 2015.

If you haven’t already, now is the time to take a checkpoint of your innkeeping business. Is your revenue is growing at the speed that you want it to and are you on the right track to achieve this year’s business objectives or are you stuck at your current level of achievement? Maybe the problem isn’t the business, the economy,  or the lack of opportunity. You may be unconsciously sabotaging your success with a lack of focus , going it alone, or not playing to your strengths. Perhaps it’s time to come up with a new game plan.

Three Mistakes that will limit your Bed and Breakfast bookings 2016

B&B Industry Benchmarks

Mistake #1 – Lack of focus.

You don’t have a business plan or marketing plan and accept each guest as they come to you. This gives you an excuse to complain about the quality of guests that are booking your inn. You know the ones. They’re focused on room rates and don’t appreciate all of the hard work you’ve put into your B&B.  To conquer this mistake, take ownership of your business plan and marketing plan. Benchmark your 2015 revenue results against the industry standards. See the chart above for the latest results from the Professional Association of Innkeepers International. Write your business goals down and create a marketing plan which identifies who your ideal guests are and what booking promotions you plan to run each quarter.


Don't be like this guy!

Don’t be like this guy!

Mistake #2 – Going it alone.

Also known as having false confidence. You think you know everything that’s required to achieve your booking goals so you don’t ask for help, you’re embarrassed to ask for help, or you don’t want to invest in additional training and tools. This can lead to missed opportunities because you’re not taking advantage of time savers or new industry information. Don’t re-invent the wheel. Build a support team that includes trusted business advisors and trained specialists.

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Mistake #3 – Not playing to your strengths.

There are aspects of your B&B business that you absolutely love and are an expert. There are other areas that you don’t like or have average skills. It’s a mistake to apply energy to areas where you have less than average skills and where you have no desire to become an expert. Rather, focus on what you’re really good at and hire someone else to do those things that you have less interest in.

If any of the above mistakes resonate with you and your innkeeping business, resolve now to find a way to correct them and put yourself on a path to more B&B bookings in 2016!

Fully Booked Inn is committed to helping innkeepers get more bookings in 2016. We’re launching a new service called the Fast Track to Bookings Program that will make creating your quarterly booking promotion plan easier and faster to implement. We do most of the heavy lifting for you! Click here to find out all of the details.

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