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It seems like just a moment ago that we were celebrating Memorial Day, the unofficial start of the Summer. Now we’re only weeks away from Labor Day. Some say it’s the last weekend of Summer but it could also be viewed as the first weekend of the Fall Season. Either way, now is a perfect time to reach out to your Bed and Breakfast mailing list to help them plan a visit to your locale.
Destination DC put together an article entitled Ten Ways to Spend Labor Day Weekend in Washington DC. This is a great title that you can ‘swipe’ by simply substituting your town/city.


I like it for the following reasons:

The Call to Action is subtly embedded in the title.

The assumption is that the reader wants to spend Labor Day in DC and here’s multiple activities that will help you enjoy the visit.

A number is used in the title.

They use the number ten which implies that there is a wide variety of things to do and see, not just a few.

The city/location is used in the title.

When travelers are searching for vacation and get-away information, they will frequently search on the location name. Having it prominently in the title gives it a better chance of being presented in search results.

Speaking of search results, there are a couple of ways that I would recommend you use this type of article. Certainly it should be sent to your mailing list, but beyond that, it can be viewed as one of the evergreen articles on your web site or Blog.

Chances are the activities you describe are typically annual events. In the Destination DC article they mention a Labor Day Concert and the Annual Shakespeare Festival. Other activities, such as a canoe ride on the Potomac River or bike riding in Rock Creek Park are available year round, but are especially inviting during the Summer and Fall seasons. Having this type of article on your blog/website can give readers ideas whether they are planning six months out or a few weeks out.

Here’s some tips to optimize your Ten Ways article:
  • Sprinkle in photos of the events and activities to add visual interest and give guests a sense of what they can expect.
  • If you have guests who visited during that period last year, include their photo (with permission) and perhaps a quote from them on what a wonderful time they had.
  • Include links to the festivals, activities, and venues that you describe to make it easy for guests to access more information.

Unlike some articles, this one should be very easy for you to pull together quickly in one afternoon. Even if you’re fully booked right now, take an hour or two to get a head start on the end of summer when bookings may slow down without proactive tactics from you.

Post a link to your Ten Ways article in the comments so that the Fully Booked Inn community can benefit.


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