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Leonie Chappell

Leonie Chappell

 Please Note: This promotion expired on March 2, 2013.

Whether it’s a new shirt, a book I’ve been wanting to read, or a decadent box of chocolates, I just love getting packages delivered directly to my door. The only thing that makes it even better is if I get free shipping along with it!

This week, I’m giving the gift of free shipping to my Aussie fans. My friend and business collaborator, Leonie Chappell spends part of the year working with her SET, International clients here in the States and the other part back home in her beloved Australia.

She’s finishing up her winter tour here and will be headed home the first week of March. She has graciously offered to hand carry a few of my books back with her. The good news is that if you purchase  the Maximum Occupancy book this week, you will save on that pesky shipping! Leonie tells me that she only has room for five books and she’s packing her suitcase on the 2nd of March so you’ll have to make a decision quickly!

Leonie will be driving through Canberra, Adelaide, Melbourne, the Western Suburbs of Sydney, Brisbane, and will end up at the Sunshine Coast. If your B&B is in any of those areas, you qualify for a hand delivered copy of Maximum Occupancy.

Visit the book’s web site for a description but don’t click the buy button there.

Free shipping is only available by clicking the link below.

And remember – It expires when Leonie’s suitcase closes on 2nd of March,  2013!

By Linda Griffin

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