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Before you go, I have a special offer for you: access to all of the booking strategies in my book Maximum Occupancy: How smart innkeepers put heads in beds in every season. Just for subscribers,  I’m giving  a 50% discount off of the retail price of the book! To claim your discount, simply visit the website at www.maxoccupancybook.com/half  and a paperback copy will be sent out via postal mail.

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  1. Carol lee Gardner says :

    Hello Linda…..how much is it for a spouse to attend the conference??? We are “aspiring” and hope to open our B&B in 2015, Blessings in the Country. We did attend the MidAtlantic in March of 2014 and learned a great deal. I am a bit unsure of the time frame for your conference although it does sound GREAT. Thanx, Carol lee

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