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We’re only one month away from Valentine’s Day and it probably isn’t even on the radar of the average male. The embarrassing fact about Valentine’s Day is that women are planners and men are procrastinators. B&B’s can address this lack of planning and help the guys look like heroes by implementing a special Valentine’s Day promotion aimed squarely at the men.
You can become their personal Valentine’s Day cupid. Offer a premium package that makes it effortless for him to wow his lady. Here are some amenities to consider including in your package:


  • On check-in, a bottle of champagne and a beautiful Valentine’s Day card that he can sign and personalize.
    A dinner reservation at a popular local restaurant. This works really well if you negotiate with the restaurant in advance for a certain number of reservations allocated to your B&B. Since Valentine’s reservations usually have to be booked up far in advance, your guest looks like a hero
  • In the guest’s room include candles, a gift basket of chocolates and local items
  • Provide an empty gift bag and tag for the guest to use to present his special gift.
  • You can take the idea above one step further by offering to be his personal shopper and having the gift ready for him in advance. Don’t make it open ended. Offer a list of items that would be easy for you to pick up or have delivered to your inn. He can choose to add one or more of these to his package. Of course, the price of each add-on would include a service charge since you are doing the work for him!

After you’ve decided what to offer, create a catchy mailing to send to the guys on your guest list. If you don’t have a separate email address for him, use the title to let him know this mailing is for him such as: “For Guys Only: Valentine’s Day Hero Package.”

Between now and the big day, send out several email reminders. Keep in mind that guys are procrastinators and probably won’t take action on the first email. To avoid the appearance of spamming, create a series of emails around the Valentine’s theme. Add your promo with a link to your booking page at the end of each email:

  • Top ten ways to delight your significant other on Valentine’s Day. One of the ten ways would be to purchase your special package.
  • Our pick of the top five most romantic movies of all time.
  • Our favorite Valentine’s Day Breakfast. Tell a story of a couple who visited during last year’s holiday. Describe what you served and if you have a testimonial from the couple, include that.

You can have a lot of fun with this holiday promotion and perhaps save a marriage or two in the process. Don’t forget to capture a photo of the happy couples and testimonials to use in next year’s marketing promotion!

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